Wellesley Unified Plan: Vision and Values Survey
February 2017
This short survey is based on the Draft Vision and Values Statement that can be found on the project website (http://www.wellesleyunifiedplan.com/draft-documents/). The purpose of the Vision Statement is to provide a description of an ideal Wellesley in approximately 20 years—it is about the future. The Values Statement reflects the values that should guide the preparation and implementation of the Unified Plan. Together they function as the “constitution” of the Unified Plan. 

If you wish to provide additional comment on the draft, please send an email to info@wellesleyunifiedplan.com. More detailed discussion of goals, priorities, strategies and actions aimed at achieving the Vision will take place in the spring and early summer of 2017. 

Please sign up for future project updates and information on events at www.wellesleyunifiedplan.com/contact/

This survey is now closed.
How old are you?

What is your gender?

How long have you lived in Wellesley?

How do you describe yourself?

Are you Hispanic?

Do you own or rent your home?

Have you ever served in a volunteer town government position – elected or appointed?

Some residents have said Wellesley needs more diversity. Do you agree?

If you would like to see more diversity, what are the top two most important types of diversity the town needs?

Do you think that there are appropriate locations in your neighborhoods/precincts for different types of more affordable housing such as condos and smaller single family homes?

If the street you live on were to be chosen for improvements and signage to make it part of a safe bicycle route, would you generally support the idea (knowing that this might include lowering the speed limit, among other measures)?

What aspects, if any, of sustainability should Wellesley focus on?

Many residents see transportation and connectivity as major issues for Wellesley.  Do you agree?

What kinds of transportation and connectivity improvements should the Town concentrate on?

The Draft Vision Statement for the Unified Plan describes aspirations for the town focused on the following  issues:  enhancing diversity, improving transportation and connectivity, sense of community, sustainability and preserving resources, school sys

View the Draft Vision Statement here: http://www.wellesleyunifiedplan.com/draft-documents/
Which of these issues is most important for you or your family?

Which of these issues is most important for the Town as a whole?

Do you usually vote in elections for town positions (e.g., town meeting members, board and commission members, etc.)?

Do you feel confident that you understand how decisions are made in Wellesley Town Government?

Please write ONE word that describes Wellesley Town Government to you.

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