The Town of Wellesley is currently preparing a Unified Plan, which is a combination of a Comprehensive Plan and a Town-wide Strategic Plan. Over the coming months, the Unified Plan will identify Wellesley residents’ vision for the future of the Town, set goals and priorities for issues ranging from land use planning, economic development, housing, open space, transportation, and health, to Town government strategies. Your answers to this survey will inform the Unified Plan process, and your answers will be anonymous. There will be additional surveys during the planning process.  Please stay involved by signing up on the website for future events, surveys, and activities.

Do you live in Wellesley? *

If yes, for how many years?

Round up to the nearest whole number.
Do you work, volunteer, attend school, or own property in Wellesley? *

If yes, for how many years?

Round up to the nearest whole number.
How would you rate Wellesley in the following categories?  

Overall quality of life: *

As a place to live: *

As a place to raise a family: *

As a place to work: *

As a place to retire: *

If you’ve lived or worked in Wellesley for five years or more, would you say that the quality of life in Wellesley has improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse over the past five years? *

What do you like most about Wellesley? *

What do you like least about Wellesley?  *

If there’s one thing you’d like to change about Wellesley, what would that be?

How would you rate the effectiveness of Wellesley’s town government in the following categories?

You may skip a question if you prefer not to answer.
Town government’s general performance in delivering services:

How town government provides information to residents, businesses and other stakeholders:

The inclusion of diverse interests and stakeholders in decision-making:

How would you like to interact with town government?  *

Have you ever participated in Town Government as an elected or appointed member of a board, commission, or committee, or Town Meeting member? *

Please indicate your gender. *

Please indicate your age: *

Thank you for taking this survey – please visit for more information about the Unified Plan, and please share the link to this survey with your neighbors and friends in Wellesley!

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